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Skip Smothermon, Helix 41, has Flown West

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This site is dedicated to personnel who supported and flew the Forward Air Controller mission, during the war in Southeast Asia and those who are interested in the mission.  It serves as a rallying point and a depository for their stories and their history.  They represent several countries, different branches of the service, a variety of aircraft, and range in rank from the lowest to the highest.  It was a chancy mission, many gave all, yet the job satisfaction was through the overhead.  We welcome all those interested in the mission and the experiences of the Forward Air Controllers; come join us. 

One More Roll

"We toast our hearty comrades,

now fallen from the sky,

Were gently caught by

God’s own hand

to reign with him on high.

To dwell among the soaring

clouds they knew so well before,

From Victory Roll to Tailchase

at heaven’s very door.

Now, as we fly among them

there, we sadly hear their plea,

Take care, my friend,

Watch your Six…

And do one more roll for me."


                                                                                               Commander Gerald L. "Jerry" Coffee

This site was last revised:
  • 10/06/2019: FREE FLU SHOTS for veterans at your local Walgreens Drug store.
  • 10/06/2019: Policy change at the VA concerning sharing your HEALTH RECORDS!
  • 09/28/2019: War Stories (New Old Geezer Page) click here
  • 09/05/2019: Skip Smothermon, Helix 41 flew West on 16 Aug 2019See UPDATES
  • 08/26/2019: "Briggs" Diuguid, Raven 26 flew West on 27 Aug 2019.  See UPDATES
  • 08/26/2019: New research link (under Links to Others), Vietnam Air Losses
  • 08/19/2019: FAC Association summer News Letter, August 2019 is out. UPDATES
  • 08/12/2019: Robert C. Kirk, a Helix FAC, flew West 3 August 2019. See UPDATES!

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