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1. “Mike Holt [mikeholt1365@gmail.com]
Tue 6/19/12 5:57pm
I am the son in law of Clyde "Tom" Dennis. He was attached to the 19 TASS in 1965 as an O-1 driver and was wounded May 31 of that same year. He recently brought some of his mementos over for my wife and I to look through. However, there wasn't much in the way of pictures and no list of names etc.
He has relayed a few stories to me of his time there;
He was at the Aux field the day the B-57 went up at Bien Hoa. He said he looked back at the cloud of smoke and was sure the field had been rocketed.
The day he was hit...his birthday no less...he said he was not scehduled to fly but the CC asked him if he'd go. So, he went and was giving a check ride to a young guy that had been out embibing a bit too much the night before. So, while calling in the strike, he was also dodging the guy's vomit out the window! As he was pulling off one marking run, he felt something hit his leg. He reached down and his hand came back bloody. He called to the other pilot didn't answer and was hanging in his straps. So, TOm reached up and smacked him in the head...turns out the kid had passed out! The round that hit Tom had gone clean through and severed the intercom cord. To held up his hand and the kid acknowledged and took the airplane.
Anyway, if you have any sort of list of names or pics from the O-1 days at Bien Hoa in 1965, I'd love to be able to show them to him.
Mike Holt, Capt, USAF Ret”
My name is Richard Hudson. Several months ago my Dad, Lt Col Andy Hudson, contacted your association trying to find information about a specific FAC pilot, call-sign RASH Two One, who participated in a battle involving D Troop, 1/9 Cav, on 14 September 1969 on a piece of Hwy 311 in the RVN.

As I understand it, there where many pilots who used that call-sign which leads me to believe that special, possibly unauthorized, insignia was used
for the uniform, or hanging over the O-club bar may have existed.

I am the web designer for armedsavage.com. I have a page which identifies the participants in the battle heard on a recording made during the battle
which is one the web site. Each person is identified and grouped by the appropriate insignia. The insignia graphic I have for the unidentified RASH
Two One pilot is what I want to ask about.

I found a picture of a patch on the web of which my dad and I are dubious about, and think there's is probably a better insignia used by the RASH
teams that would be more appropriate. Attached is an example of the graphic currently on the page for RASH 21 on armedsavage.com.

Can you, or the OV-10 Association, give me a more appropriate unit insignia to use if the example attached is way off?

Thank you.

Richard D. Hudson
1717 E. Belt Line, Apt 1028
Coppell, Texas 75019
Mobile: 940. 391. 4440
Home: 469. 549. 4066

3. “Mission Control [ambrose60@carolina.rr.com]
Fri 8/31/2012 11:35am
I am an SF guy trying to locate a FAC(s) that supported a "troops in contact" operation on 18 June '65 10 Km NE of Bong Son (about half way between Quang Ngai and Qui Nhon on the coast). There was some valorous actions on the ground that he might help with. Working with the FAC in the A/C was the SF Commander from Qui Nhon.
As close as I can tell the 21st Support Sqd (Pleiku) had a det that operated out of Qui Nhon (Call Signs Herb 10, 11, 12, 13) and Charlie Pocock handled the history portion for that unit. I have requested the CD for the 21st.
Could you put me in touch with Charlie .... or the FACs with those call signs??
Please respond to sueb41@carolina.rr.com
Ambrose Brennan
(703) 323-5683
1805 Sparrow Lane
Waxhaw, NC 28173”
3a. “Mission Control [ambrose60@carolina.rr.com]
Sun 9/9/2012 10:13pm
I am trying to contact anyone who was with the 21st TASS in 1965.... particularly anyone flying out of Pleiku or Qui Nhon.
Can you help me?
Ambrose Brennan
(703) 323-5683


4. “Donald L Engebretsen [ice450@bellsouth.net]
Wed 9/19/12 7:35pm
My name is Don Engebretsen. I was an AF Lt flying A1’s in the Vietnam War from 30Sep69 to 9Jul70. I flew at Pleiku, NKP, and DaNang and had 190 combat missions. I talked to Phil Litts regarding trying to get some information about several FAC’s that I flew with on some of my more “interesting” missions during my tour. I would like to talk to you about what resources you have and the best way for me to try to ascertain the names and status of some of the FAC’s that I worked so closely with. If you like, I could provide you with a list of call signs and dates and handle this with emails. I was thinking it might be best to talk about the best way to do initiate this process with a phone call, but the method should be your choice from my point of view. I am providing you with my info as follows:
Donald L Engebretsen
2355 N Reid Hooker
Eads, TN 38028-9308
Ph (901) 853-7080
Cell (901) 240-2966
I would be willing to try to call you if you would prefer that and would like to give me time suggestions. I am retired and available at my home number most of the time. My cell is a good second choice and I follow email on a regular basis.
5. “Keith Rumohr [tiforumohr@me.com]
Mon 10/15/2012 9:57 am
My father, Milton L. Rumohr was a FAC with the 22nd TASS from April 1967 to April 1968, flying the O-1. He died back in 1990. Is there anyone with your association the would like or need additional information concerning his service?
Please contact me via email at krumohr@tx.rr.com
Keith K. Rumohr”
6. “richard bullen [bbullycontrol@yahoo.com]
Tue 10/23/2012 12:02 PM
Lt Bruce Walker shot down near DMZ with Lt Potts USMC naval gunfire back seat. Apr 72.
Lorin Walker Bruces daughter would like any info about her father
R Bullen RO 20th TASS 72”


7. “Justice, Dane [Dane.Justice@c-a-m.com]
Wed 10/31/2012 10:43am
Hello gents,
Thank you for your work remembering the FACs out there both living and dead. I just wanted to point out a date you guys have on your tributes wall. It involves my uncle. The year he died is incorrect. I attached the official date of “1970” to this email. Second thing…I am looking for any pictures of Bill in country, and noted that Tom Yarborough arrived in country about the same time as Bill. Can I ask you guys to ask him to contact me please? Thanks guys.
William Allen Justice
Killed In Action 3 July 1972
Dane Justice
8. “Jim Ollis [wolfmandi@embarqmail.com]
Fri 7/16/2010 5:54pm
In late 1968 or early 1969 (I returned to the US on 13 April '69) I was an Army Air traffic Controller with the 1ST Inf Div located at Di AN, Viet Nam. I had finished my shift and was walking along the dirt runway when an OV-10 taxied down the runway for takeoff. The pilot waved to me and I returned the wave. He then roared down the runway. As he began his climb out the aircraft pitched up into a very nose high attitude and crashed outside the perimeter wire killing the pilot. I have thought about him all these years and have searched the web for info and finally found this site.
If you have any information on who the pilot was it would be most appreciated.


Jim Ollis
St. Cloud, Florida