This is an index of the current and an archive of past FAC Association bylaws.

FAC Association Bylaws


Over the years the bylaws have been revised.  This page is an record to those revisions.  Only the latest revision, revision 8, is official.  Click here for the latest revision.

Bylaws dated 15 July 2007,  Revision 1. > bylaws2007.pdf

Bylaws dated 30 Jan 2009,   Revision 2. > bylaws2009.pdf

Bylaws dated 25 Aug 2014,  Revision 5. > bylaws2014.pdf

Bylaws dated 07 Nov 2018,  Revision 8. > bylaws2018.pdf

Bylaws dated 25 Apr 2021,   Revision 9. > bylaws2021.pdf

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