This page outlines a procedure for establishing contact with a particular Forward Air Controller
FAC Locator

Find - FAC


The FAC Association maintains a data base of most all of the Forward Air Controllers, who flew combat missions in the war in South East Asia, whether they are a member of the Association or not.  Some have given their permission to share their email addresses with those who request it.  Regardless, send an email to the keeper of the data base, Fred Pumroy.  Tell him as much information as you have about the FAC you seek to contact, first and last name, year of service, call sign, type of airplane he flew, base or place from which he flew and his rank at the then and now will all be of help.  Fred will search the data base for you.  If your FAC has given permission to share his contact information, Fred will return your email with the FAC's email address.  If not, Fred will send your request to the email address he has asking your FAC to contact you. 

Contact Fred Pumroy - with your locator request.  Good luck to you!






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