This is a collection of lessons learned while participating in the War in Southeast Asia


Of Brothers From A War Long Past

Do The Right Thing 

 Tom Petitmermet, Pretzel 06
Example: Delta 45 

  Learning: You Don't Know War 
 Mike Whorton, Nail 30
  Sacrifice: Jerry Sellers 
 Toby Rushforth, Covey 152
Situational Awareness 
 Bob Monroe, Jake 71/Bully 16
Red Plateau:Memoir of a NVA Soldier 
 John E. Delezen, Marine
Listen: Hydraulics  
 Alva Matheson, Nail 213
Dependable Crew Chief 
 Alva Matheson, Nail 213
Details: Kat Man Du 
 Anonymous, FAC
The Best and the Best Job  
 Zot Barazzotto, Covey 250/Rustic 55
Resourceful Arc Light 
 Coordinate: Sensors 
 Anonymous, Nail
Self-Reliance: Lessons from Vietnam 

 Gary Willis, Red Marker 18
Four Decisions Vietnam 

 Anonymous, for now
The Joy of Coming Home 
 Nail 213
Respect Cigar 
 Nail FAC Navigator
The Ghost Pilot 

 Zot Barazzotto, Covey 250/Rustic 55

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