This is a collection of lessons learned while participating in the War in Southeast Asia


Of Brothers From A War Long Past

Do The Right Thing 

 Tom Petitmermet, Pretzel 06
Example: Delta 45 

  Learning: You Don't Know War 
 Mike Whorton, Nail 30
  Sacrifice: Jerry Sellers 
 Toby Rushforth, Covey 152
Situational Awareness 
 Bob Monroe, Jake 71/Bully 16
Red Plateau:Memoir of a NVA Soldier 
 John E. Delezen, Marine
Listen: Hydraulics  
 Alva Matheson, Nail 213
Dependable Crew Chief 
 Alva Matheson, Nail 213
Details: Kat Man Du 
 Anonymous, FAC
The Best and the Best Job  
 Zot Barazzotto, Covey 250/Rustic 55
Resourceful Arc Light 
 Coordinate: Sensors 
 Anonymous, Nail
Self-Reliance: Lessons from Vietnam 

 Gary Willis, Red Marker 18
Four Decisions Vietnam 

 Anonymous, for now
Freedom Flight 
 Nail 213

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