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Not all of us saw a Bob Hope show during our service time. But we all knew that he was there and that he cared enough to keep coming back where ever we were. The opportunity I had to see his show at Da Nang in December 1970 was superseded by a chance to see the world's biggest bomb dump in Laos. I was TDY from Da Nang to Bien Hoa to fly with the Rustics and I hopped a ride back to Da Nang on the 24th of December to cook Christmas dinner for my Covey friends and the nurses. When I got back I heard about the action in Laos so I aimed my helper, Larry Hull, at rounding up stuff from my freezer and jumped in the back seat of someone going west. We flew over a hill side covered with GIs at the Bob Hope show. The cartoons say it all.

Bob Hope & Bing
            Crosby in Heaven

Bob Hope &
            Bing Crosby on the Road to Heaven

Bob Hope plays

Bob Hope greated
            by Saint Peter

Bob Hope play

Bob Hope
            2003 Heaven Tour

Bob Hope Missed