Reunion in Honolulu, Hawaii

10 -14 April 2002  -  Hawaii R and R

This is the Home Page for the 2002 Honolulu Reunion (2002 HNL).

FAC Reunion and Memorial Dedication 2002:
by Bill Ernst, Rustic 04

The FAC memorial was dedicated on April 13, 2002 in image2.jpgPunchbowl Cemetery before a crowd of about 330 people. The 15th ABW Honor Guard provided the Color Guard, Firing Party and Wreath Bearers; the 15th ABW provided a Chaplain; the Air Force Band of the Pacific provided the music, anthems and taps; the University of Hawaii AFROTC detachment provided cadets to greet, usher, and seat attendees; the Australian Consulate General attended; the New Zealand Honorary Consul and the Mayor of Honolulu sent representatives to participate; and the FAC Assn., both Consulates and the Mayor provided four large floral wreaths to honor the fallen. Two local pilots flew an O-1 and an 0-2A over the ceremony as the monument was unveiled.

Dedication Remarks-pictures click here.

image3.jpgThe Hawaii Reunion 2002 committee members want to thank all of the donors for making it possible to create and install a lasting tribute to all of the American, Australian and New Zealand aviators who served together in Southeast Asia.Editors note: Bill Ernst impressed his colleagues on the FR2002 planning committee by his diligence and attention to detail. If I were writing his ER, I'd put all the Xs to the farthest right they could go and recommend him for any project you'd want zero defects performance. Along with him, Mike Cavanaugh deserves special mention for his work as Chairman of Protocol and Banquet MC.

Did you know that the Cessna O-1 Bird Dog flown over the Hawaii image1.jpgFAC Reunion dedication ceremony was making its final flight before being donated to the Military Aviation Museum of the Pacific, which is slated to reopen at its new location on Dec. 7, 2004 in the historic hangars and control tower on the south side of Ford Island?

image5.jpgBanquet Guest Speaker

At the Saturday night banquet, Gen. William Begert spoke of alternative methods used in recent operations in Afganistan in lieu of flying FACs. His presentation included video surveillance clips testifying to the awesome accuracy and timely response upon target identification. Gen. Begert was a Covey FAC with 300 missions in an O-2A

FR2002 Hawaii R&R was a success because those who were asked to serve, did so with enthusiasm, pride, and generosity. Please join me in using that momentum to make the FAC Association an icon among veterans' organization. ‚ĶMAHALO 

The Board of Directors Left to right :"Gibber" Gibbs (director), imageg6.jpgHowie Pierson (secy), Randy Hetherington (director), Glenn Bremenkamp (database keeper), Toby Rushforth (President), George Ferkes (treas) and Hen Min Hiu (Newsletter editor).Dennis Crouch (vp) was missing from the group photo.

Hen Min Hiu, Chairman, FR2002
The Hawaii FAC Association gratefully acknowledges the help of many volunteers during FR2002.  Carolyn and Ben Petty (Nail FAC) of EEM Tours provided professional advice and on-site assistance from beginning to end while many of you made spontaneous donations of goods and greenbacks.
I am happily in debt to the HIFACs for their loyalty, hard work, and cheerful encouragement. Namely:
William Begert, Vic Bonfiglio, John Callahan, Mike Cavanaugh, Bill Ernst, David Greenlee, Mac McNeill, Putt Richards, Toby Rushforth, and Buck Welch.  And thanks of course to my wife Arlene for her usual indulgence and support. MAHALO to all of you!

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