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Wanted Posters

  Wanted Posters are notices for people looking for unique information, such as did you know my dad? or looking for the pilot who flew......?

Wanted: Did you know Ralph Michael Wong, a radio operator (70-71)?  His widow would like to talk to you.  See details  at (Wanted Poster 220910)

Wanted: A film producer is looking for films and/or audio tapes shot by the solider of life on the home front during the Vietnam War.  For details see Wanted Poster 220805  

Wanted: Contact with a FAC who worked a SAR 28 Dec 1969

A Marine F-4 pilot would like to locate the FAC that supported a two-day SAR operation of a downed A-4 pilot, who’s call sign was “Playboy.”  “Playboy was downed on 28 Dec 1969 south of Tchepone near Ban Kate.  

If you are that FAC or know of this SAR, please contact Brad Wright, Covey 251 at

Wanted 220616

Wanted: Son wants information about his father, Wally Judge.
Did you know or fly with my dad Wallace "Wally" Judge, Nail 73?  He flew O-2s wanted-posters/judge-wally3.jpgout of NKP in the 1969 time frame.  I would like to speak to anyone who knew him, flew with him or could tell me about the life of a FAC flying O-2s out of NKP during those days.  I am Russell Judge.  My email is  Wanted 211007


Wanted: Daughter wants information about her father, Tim Caruthers.  caruthers-timothy-d.jpg
Daughter is looking for someone who knew her father during his tour in the war in Southeast Asia.  He was a Nail FAC flying O-2s out of NKP from November 70-71.  For details and contact information please click here, Wanted-210616

Wanted: Daughter wants information about her father, a Nail FAC 1968-69
I am writing a book about growing up with my father, Captain Donald Luna, being MIA.  He was  a member of the 23rd TASS, Nail 33.  He flew out of Ubon day and night mission over Cambodia and Laos. For details and contact information please click here, Wanted-210511.
Wanted: FACs that operated out of Ban Me Thuot or supported Bu Prang or Duc Lap Special Forces Camps Oct/Nov 69.    Sgt. Dan Swiger, a radio operator, is looking to talk to FACs that operated out of Ban Me Thuot area around that Oct/Nov 69 time frame.  Details (Wanted 201211)

Wanted: Information about an O-2B, tail number 67-21446. Did you fly it? 
The new owner would like very much to talk to someone who flew it in South East Asia. For the rest of the story and pictures click (Wanted-201016)

Wanted: Did you know Captain Thomas G. Bonser, a Gombey/Nail FAC (1965-61)? 
His family would very much like to talk to you.  Tom has terminal cancer.  He flew O-1s for the 23rd TASS and won a Silver Star for actions he took 18 to 20 February 1966.  (Wanted-20811)

Wanted:Information on Major Murray L. Smith, Helix 22/Ascot 04, a FAC who flew for the 21st TASS and as an O-2 instructor at Binh Thuy instructor February to December 1967. See picture on the poster. (Wanted-200406)

Wanted: Willie Albright, son of 1968-69 FAC Lt Col Ralph Albright,
is looking for information about his father (who died in Tucson AZ in 2011). (Wanted-200315)

Wanted: Contact info for the Cambodian pilot who flew a baby out of Phenom Penh in a bassinet, April 1975.  The baby is now grown and wants to express her thanks. (Wanted-191203)



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