This is a list of those FACs that took their last flight during 2020 and some losses from other years because we just learned of their passing.

Flew West 2020

Slow hand salute for those lost in 2020


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Jayne sent out a note just a while ago. Jon, Nail 58ski, FAC extraordinaire, Shit Hot ,  He passed away last night in Colorado Springs after a long and complicated series of problems which destroyed his body. Jayne was right there with him as he slipped away.  Jon was one of the Buds in the Nails late 1972 - 73, and was a Cambodia rat. He was a great guy, highly spirited, and wore the cape - you Nails will understand. He thought that he was something else at the 4-5-6 table, but we know the truth. Did anybody ever cash that check?  Jon, was a great lifetime friend and I shall miss him so. I was looking forward to bringing him and Jayne to the FAC Reunion in Sept and I know that he was looking forward to it too.

No details yet on services. All is complicated by the COVID-19 reality.

Jayne can be reached at

A slow and tearful hand salute to a dear and very special friend and fellow combat aviator..