29 Nov 23:RUSTIC'S NEWS LETTER December 1st Edition.  To read it, CLICK HERE

31 Oct 23: Col (USAF Ret.) Jerold L. flew-west/weiss-jerold.jpg Weiss, Covey 259, flew west on 28 August 2022.  Jerry flew O-2s for the 20th TASS out of Da Nang during the years 1968 - 69.  He anticipated in Operation Prairie Fire.  To read details and obituary click here

flew-west/eby-timothy-r.jpeg17 Oct 23: Timothy Ray Eby, Covey 540 and Rustic 40 affectionately known as "Captain Skinny" flew west at 0800 15 October 2023.  Tim flew OV-10s  for the 20th and 23rd TASSs.  Tim was well respected by his brother FACs.  He was a life member of the FAC Association.  Click here for details and funeral arrangements.

04 Sep 23: The FAC Association's FINI FAC Reunion dates are October 24-27, 2024 here in Ft Walton Beach, FL.   Early arrival day will be Wednesday, 23 October 2024.

The reunion hotel is the re-branded and renovated "The Island Resort Hotel" on Okaloosa Island. More information is available on the Notam Board.  To go there click here.

04 Sep 23:Reflections is a new page.  It is an index page to Al Matheson's Legacy Project, a collection of life's lessons learned from participating in the War in Southeast Asia.  To go there click here

30 Jul 23: New War Story on the Old war-stories/old-geezer2.jpgGeezer's page, The Saga of Miss Me  by M. Joe Ganger, Bart 100, Bomber 42 To read it click here.

war-stories/old-geezer2.jpg30 Jul 23: New War Story on the Old Geezer's page, Mission Over Laos by Jim Richmond, Nail 37.  Click here to read it.

23 Jul 23: Lt. Col. (USAF Retired) Richard L. Stewart, Nail 76, Covey 513, and Mike, 13 flew west on 08 April 2023.  Dick flew O-1s and O-2s for the 21st and 22nd Tactical Air Support Squadrons. His home town was Boynton Beach, Florida.  He was a life member.  Fair winds and a slow hand salute for this brave warrior.

20 Jul 23: The July 2023 edition of the FAC Association Newsletter is out.  To read it click here.

flew-west/taylor-michael.png08 Jun 23: Michael L.Taylor, Nail 28 / Spike 28,  flew west on 12 May 23.  Based in Thailand, Mike flew OV-10s for the 23rd TASS over Cambodia and Laos.  He was shot down while flying over the Ho Chi Minh Trail, listed as missing but later rescued and returned.  Details and an obituary can be read at    Slow hand salute for this brave warrior.

20 May 23: Major Roger M Brodale, Allenflew-west/brodale-roger-m.jpeg 02/07, flew west on 27 Apr 2023. Roger flew O-1s for the 19th TASS from Jul 1968 til Jul 1969.  He was well respected, highly decorated and a fine aviator.  Details and his obituary can be read at   Fair winds and a slow hand salute for this outstanding warrior.

15 Apr 23: The unveiling of OV-10 No. 638 is on! The unveiling at the Australian War Memorial, which was delayed due to the world wide outbreak of Covid-19, has been scheduled for August 18, 2023.  That date marks the 50th anniversary of the ending of the Australian involvement in the Vietnam war.  A ceremony commemorating that, the unveiling of the OV-10, and a reunion dinner is scheduled, and we are invited!  For detail of all of the events click here.

14 Apr 23: New war story on the Old Geezer's Page, "The FUBAR SAR." Ned Helms, Rustic 15. To read it click here.

13 Apr 23: New war story on the Old Geezer's page, "Sleeping on the Job" by Dale Hill, Nail 49. To read it click here.

richmond-jim.jpg08 Apr 23: James A. Richmond, Nail 37, flew west on 04 Apr 23.  Jim flew OV-10s for the 23 TASS from Nov 69 until Nov 70 out of NKP.  Click here to see Jim's Old Geezer story.  Soft winds my brother and a slow hand salute too.  His obituary can be read at 

17 Mar 2023: Lt Col (USAF Ret) David C. Hartsock, Covey 229 and Dart 10, flew west on 11 May 2014.  Dave flew O-2s for the 19th TASS and 20th TASS.  We apologize, we  have no picture and have only recently learned of his passing.  His obituary may be read at

03 Mar 2023: Sgt Steven E. Peffer, Rustic / flew-west/peffer-steve.jpegMechanic, flew west on 27 Feb 2023.  Steve was a maintenance officer O-2s at Bien Hoa Air Base from Dec 1970 - 71.  He left a legacy as a Rustic.  He will be interred at Sacramento Valley National Cemetery on May 12th.  More information and an obituary to follow.  Slow hand salute to this outstanding warrior.

flew-west/pinsky-dave.jpg02 Mar 2023: Col (USAF Ret.) David H. Pinsky, Cobra 4, flew his final mission on 9 Oct 2020.  Dave flew O-1s for the 19th TASS based at Duc Hoa. While in South east Asia, he flew 614 combat missions and was awarded 2 Silver Stars, a Distinguished Flying Cross, a Bronze Star, 26 Air Medals and a Purple Heart.  Dave was a life member of the FAC Association. His obituary can be read at

01Mar 2023: Col (USAF Ret.) Patrick D.flew-west/mccaslin-patrick.jpg McCaslin, Nail 41, flew west on 7Apr 2022.  Pat flew OV-10s for the 23TASS. During his tour he was awarded 2 Silver Stars and 2 Distinguished Flying Crosses and a Purple Heart.  He was a life member of the FAC Association.  His obituary can be read at

25 Feb 23: The February 2023 Newsletter is out!  It is the delayed January 2023 Newsletter.  Click here to read it.  To download a copy, move your cursor to the bottom center of the page.  A block of four buttons will appear.  The button on the right will cause a PDF copy to be deposited in your computer's download folder.  The button on the center right will cause a printable PDF copy to appear on your screen.  Press the printer symbol in the PDF tool bar at the top of the page. The remaining buttons are self explanatory.

25 Feb 2023: LTC (USAF Ret) Charles L. flew-west/pocock-charles.jpgPocock, Viper 7 and Rod 7, flew west on 14 May 2022.  Charlie flew two tours in the O-1 for the 19th TASS starting in 1966. During his FAC years he was awarded a Silver Star, two DFCs and a hand full of Air Medals. He authored a book about his adventures titled Viper 7.  Charlie was a Life member.  His obituary can be read at

flew-west/knabe-carl.jpg25 Feb 2023: Col (USAF Ret) Carl F. Knabe, a Covey FAC, slipped the surly bonds of earth on a westbound heading on 27 Jun 2022. Carl flew OV10s for 20 TASS May 1969 - 70.  He flew out of Pleiku.  During his tour he was awarded a DFC, 12 Air medals and a Purple Heart.  His obituary can be read at

19 Jan 23: Article, "The Rescuers, Leave No Man Behind" is an interesting article from the Winter 22-23  edition of the Skyhawk Association Journal.  The article is about the rescue of two Marine A-4 pilots shot down over Laos in December 1969.  Our Nails from the 23rd TASS out of NKP played an important role.  To read it click here.

31 Dec 22: Wilson J. Hall, Trail 16, Covey flew-west/hall-wilson.jpgflew west on 08 July 2020 Wilson flew O-2 for the 20th TASS during the 1966-67 time frame He was life member of the Association.  Details and obituary 

31 Dec: A FAC's Legacy Tribute.  A copy of this tribute and its history is presented to the family of a fallen FAC.  To read it go to the "Flew West" page and then select A FAC's Legacy.

If you wish to download a copy, move your cusor to the middle of the screen near the bottom.  A box will appear with four symbols.  To cause a copy to be downloaded into your download file, click on the symbol with the downward pointing arrow.  To cause a printable PDF copy to appear on your screen, click on the rectangle with a beaker.  This document has three pages.  If you desire to print only the Tribute, print only page one in landscape.

war-stories/old-geezer2.jpg19 Nov: New War Story on the Old Geezer's page, Leave No Man Behind by Bob Franklin. To read it, click here

29 Oct: The 2022 COS Reunion Recap page Is out! click here to read it.

 flew-west/haynes-sonny.jpg23 Oct 22: Eldon R. Sonny Haynes, Covey 262, Flew west on Sunday 9 Oct 22. Sonny flew OV-10s for the 20th TASS.  He was a life member. Details and Obituary


10 Sep 22: Wanted: Did you know Ralph Michael Wong, a radio operator (70-71)?  His widow would like to talk to you.  See details  at (Wanted Poster 220910)

03 Sep 22: Robert Wiltuck, Col (Ret.) flew-west/wiltuck-robert.jpgCovey 180/280 and Helix 41 took his last flight on 22 Jan 2022.  Bob flew O-2s for the 20th TASS starting in Nov 1967.  He was a life member of the FAC Association.  Slow hand salute to this brave warrior.  Click here for Details and Obituary.

26 Aug 22: New story on the Old Geezer's page, "Bubba-SOG"  It is a good read.  Take a look. Click here

flew-west/lachon-gregory.jpg15 Aug 22: Lachon, "Beefy" Gregory, Rustic Alpha and Sundog Alpha, flew west on 09 Aug 22.  "Beefy" was a radio operator.  Slow hand salute to this warrior. Details

05 Aug 22: Wanted: A documentary producer is looking for films and /or audio tape, shot by the soldier, of life on the home front during the Vietnam War. For details click here for Wanted Poster 220805

03 Aug 22: LTC Gerald P. Schwalb,flew-west/schwalb-gerald.jpg Red Marker 02, flew west 18 Jul 2022.  Jerry flew O-2s for the  19th and 22nd TASSes in 1969-70.  Details & Obituary

flew-west/potter-joseph.jpg01 Aug 22: Joseph V. Potter, Sidewinder16, Covey 06, Jade 06, flew west on 17 Jun 2022.  He flew for the 19th and 20th TASS during three tours.  He was a life member.  Details & Obituary    Erratum: Originally the date of passing was posted in error as was his rank.

Forward Air Controllers Association

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This site is dedicated to personnel who supported and flew the Forward Air Controller mission, during the war in Southeast Asia and to those who are interested in that mission.  It serves as a rallying point and a depository for their stories and their legacy.  They represent several countries, different branches of service, a variety of aircraft, and all ranks from the lowest to the highest. 

It was a chancy mission, many gave all, yet the job satisfaction was through the overhead.  We welcome all those interested in the mission and the experiences of the Forward Air Controllers.  We are glad you are here.

                      President: Brad Wright

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One More Roll

"We toast our hearty comrades,

now fallen from the sky,

Were gently caught by

God’s own hand

to reign with him on high.

To dwell among the soaring

clouds they knew so well before,

From Victory Roll to Tailchase

at heaven’s very door.

Now, as we fly among them

there, we sadly hear their plea,

Take care, my friend,

Watch your Six…

And do one more roll for me."

     Commander Gerald L. "Jerry" Coffee

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