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I regret to inform you that events of this past week have dictated that we cancel our October 2021 Rustic Reunion in Tucson. This was a tough decision by your Board, but we think it is a prudent one. The cancellation is due to the reunion hotel’s executive leadership cancelling our hospitality suite and placing restrictions on our group gatherings. In addition, many of you have rising concerns about the resurgent Covid crisis. 
COVID restrictions in Arizona and by the hotel recently caused the planning committee to find other options for several of our event venues, but these options are tenuous in light of the current Covid situation. With two months until our planned reunion, there is a significant possibility that those secondary options might be lost. As always, the safety of Rustics and their families is paramount. So, after careful discussion and consideration by your Rustic Board, we are canceling our October 2021 reunion. Whether we attempt to find a future alternative date is to be determined.  
There will be no financial loss for the Rustics. For those who have reserved their hotel room, the Desert Diamond Hotel and Casino will cancel your reservation and will send you an email confirming the cancellation. If you have not heard from them soon, please contact the hotel (520-294-7777) and confirm your reservation has been cancelled. Additionally, Lendy Edwards will refund all registration fees sent to him. This means we will not be placing an order for Rustic shirts or caps.   
I want to personally thank Claude Newland and all of the Arizona Rustics who have been working hard over the past many months to build what was going to be a great event. They continued their work over the months in a "constantly changing sand" of COVID.
The Rustic Board will begin looking at future Reunion opportunities and keep you informed.
Johnny Drury
Rustic 04
President, Rustic FAC Association

  • Rushforths1945.png

    Who is it?
    Who was the fellow FAC in the January 2021 Newsletter and which one was he?

    The Rushforths circa 1945

    The young man on the right in short pants is Covey 252,152 and Trail 67, Toby Rushforth.

    The young man on the left is his brother Dr. David J. Rushforth, LT USN, doctor for the US Navy Seabees at Marble Mountain near DaNang while Toby was at DaNang.  Exposure to Agent Orange while at DaNang finally took him a couple of years ago.

  • 11/23/20: FACNET transfer to groups.io status report.
As of today it appears that all 693 members have been added to the FACNET@groups.io list server.  As an initial membership vetting, the moderator is required to approve the first TWO messages you submit to FACNET@groups.io.  So, please don't get too worried if I am not available to instantly approve your first two messages. 

As your moderator, I request that all future FACNET messages be sent to our NEW HOME

A copy of the groups.io member manual (97 pages) should be attached to an email sent to all 693 members.  If you have any questions about the operation of groups.io, please send an email to FACNET because you are probably having a problem that other members are running into and we all (moderator included) need to become more familiar with the groups.io environment.


Please be advised that FACNET survives because the Forward Air Controllers Association is dedicating a portion of their annual budget to our premium groups.io subscription of $20 per month.

THANK YOU Forward Air Controllers Association!

allen dyer, covey 577
FACNET Moderator

Note: Anyone, support personnel or pilot, who was part of the FAC mission during the war in Southeast Asia is encouraged to join the FACNET at no cost - just email the moderator Allen Dyer mailto:aldyer@lawlab.com
  • 11/02/20:FACNET to move from Yahoo groups!  In light of the complete shutdown of yahoogroups on December 17, 2020, I have been ordered by the FAC Association to move FACNET from yahoogroups to groups.io.  Accordingly, yesterday FACNET@groups.io was claimed by FAC association and approved by groups.io.


    At this point, the possibility of moving the entire email list addresses -- in bulk -- to groups.io is being explored.  However, in the event the I can’t figure out a bulk move, Brad Wright, Covey 251, FAC Association president, has already established a beach head and has found the initial FACNET@groups.io sign-up process to be a piece-of-cake.   


    However, in order to avoid the possibility of duplicate memberships, please wait until I give up on the bulk-move before you try to sign up individually, or, in military terminology --- hurry up & wait.


    I might  add, the features available on groups.io look pretty sweet.  I think everyone will enjoy “stepping-up” to a fully fledged email group environment.  




    allen dyer, covey 577

    FACNET moderator

  • 06/09/20: Go Around, Go Around, Go Around!  The 2020 FAC Reunion at Colorado Springs this Fall has been postponed to 2022.  Complications and uncertainties brought about by the Covid-19 outbreak has caused the FACA Board of Directors to re-think this year's reunion.  Consequently, they passed the following resolution by Phil Litts:

    I move that we postpone FR 2020 to 2022, that we keep the Reunion in COS and further that Mike Lyons and his crew continue with communications with Hotel Elegante, MRP, and all involved venders, to make this happen.

    There are plans in the making for a mini get together next year.  More details are forthcoming in the July 2020 Newsletter.

  • 03/14/20:  Wave Off! Wave Off! Wave Off! Because of the coronavirus spreading across the world, the Australian War Memorial has postponed the 27 March 2020 Unveiling of its USAF OV-10 FAC aircraft No. 639 to a date yet to be decided. It will be the only USAF aircraft in the AWM collection; but there are other US manufactured aircraft in the collection.

    Peter Condon,
    Tamale15 (O-1) /Sidewinder 23 (OV-10)

  • Restored OV-10 #639 then (2001) and now.

  • 03/12/2020: From the FACNET: On 27 March, the Australian War Memorial will dedicate OV-10 #639 which has been renovated for display. This has been a 10 year project.

    Our Aussie brothers have put together a great dedication ceremony and dinner to mark the occasion. As one of many of us on this net, I personally flew this aircraft, and planned to go down to the event. I had my tickets and hotel reservations. However this whole dust up with the COVID-19 forced me to reconsider, and after a bunch of study and consideration as a 72 y/o with some medical issues, I decided, reluctantly, that it was prudent for me to cancel. 

    My primary concern was that if I was somehow exposed while down there, I would have to go into quarantine for an indeterminate time in a foreign country. Perhaps that sounds a bit paranoid, but I would be in a country with different laws, medical programs, and customs, and a long way from home.

    Needless to say, the Tom Hanks announcement just a few hours after I made my decision, just reinforced my action.

    When I called to cancel my airline tickets, I asked the agent how bad it was. He said that for the last two days, all he had been doing was cancelling reservations for airline trips, cruises, conventions, seminars, Disney World, etc.

    Seems we may have a bit more to go through in all of this before it turns around.


  • 10/06/2019: FREE FLU SHOTS! for veterans at your local Walgreens Drug store.

  • 10/06/2019: Beginning January 2020, the VA will share your health records with health providers without obtaining your specific authorization.  However, there is an opt out provision.  To understand the details click on  HEALTH RECORDS!.













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