Come let me tell you a war story or two....

War stories as told by the old geezers that lived them.

Come Fly With Me

Bob Gorman, Jake 44
My Wild 3 Years Flying MAC

Bob Monroe, Jake 71
Baby Its / Cold Outside

Mike Whorton, Nail 30
Splish, Splash, I Was Taking A Bath

Zot Barazzotto, Covey 30
Some Won't Ever Forget May, 196 Kham Duc

Chuck Johnson, Jake 73 and
Skip Smothermon, Helix 41
The Stupidest Thing I Ever Did as a FAC

Dave Pinsky, Cobra 04
Indelibly Etched 50 Years On

Roger Lambert, Royal Australian Reg.
Christmas Break'68-Why I Love the Navy
Claude Newland, Rustic 19
 Are you a Hero?

Mike Whorton, Nail 30

If you have a war story that ought to be told, send it in and let's post it.

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