Come let me tell you a war story or two....

War stories as told by the old geezers that lived them.

Come Fly With Me

Bob Gorman, Jake 44
My Wild 3 Years Flying MAC

Bob Monroe, Jake 71
Baby Its Cold Outside

Mike Whorton, Nail 30
Splish, Splash, I Was Taking A Bath

Zot Barazzotto, Covey 30
Some Won't Ever Forget May, 196 Kham Duc

Chuck Johnson, Jake 73 and
Skip Smothermon, Helix 41
The Stupidest Thing I Ever Did as a FAC

Dave Pinsky, Cobra 04
Indelibly Etched 50 Years On

Roger Lambert, Royal Australian Reg.
Christmas Break'68-Why I Love the Navy
Claude Newland, Rustic 19
 Are you a Hero?

Mike Whorton, Nail 30

Al Matheson, Nail 213
Leave No Man Behind

Robert Franklin, Nail 37
Sleeping on the Job
Dale Hill, Nail 49

Ned Helms, Rustic 15
Mission Over Laos

Jim Richmond, Nail 37
The Saga of Miss Me 
M. Joe Granger, Bart100, Bomber 42

If you have a war story that ought to be told, send it in and let's post it.

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