This is a list of those FACs who took their last flight during 2021 and some from other years because we recently discovered their passing.

Flew West 2021

Slow hand salute to these brave warriors

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I had a voicemail from Sue Barnes waiting for me when I woke up this morning. No easy way to say this-- Jay has passed away. I'll get details and pass them on. He was in Pittsburgh at his moms house, where he's been for the last couple years, and as far as Sue knows right now, had a massive heart attack about 3 days ago, and was found by neighbors after they hadn't seen him for a couple days.
Not only was Jay a HUGE part of the FACA from day one, but also the driving force and founder & prez of the Jake FAC's. He also set up virtually all of his UPT reunions, active member of the Knights Templar, and a lot more than I can remember right now. Jay got me finally involved in the FACA, after  a number of years of him pushing me, back in '08-- and given what was happening in my life at the time, probably kept me on the planet.

Due to some email issues, I've not received a goodly number of them recently, so maybe I'm coming late to the party about Jay's passing. If so, I apologize for opening up new wounds about our loss. Sue had very little contact info on us, besides me. She and I have had numerous conversations over the years about drinking problems, but he had been working the problem really hard the last couple years, and he achieved the goal that many of us recovering alcoholics have, and that is to die sober. He was a very good man, and will be missed by many, many people, whose numbers I have no idea about.

I'll pass on what I find out. And I must tell you, Sue has no idea how to contact USAFA, or any of the other organizations Jay belonged too. I'm going to call her and see if she'd mind me putting her phone number on the FACNET, because a number of you knew Jay for over 50 years have would be of immeasurable help to her.

Slow hand salute and many tears,

Phil,  Jake 26/Bully 20

Jay will be interred at the Air Force Academy at 1000 on 20 July 2022.  To read his obituary click here.

The funeral service for Mike Lyons is Mon, Aug 23 at St Peter Catholic Church in Monument, Colorado. Visitation is at 0900 with the Rosary at 0930. The funeral mass is at 1000. There will be a reception immediately following at the St Peter Parish Ministry Center. Burial is at the USAFA Cemetery at 1330.  From classmate Bob McKinney on FB