27 Nov 21: B/Gen Noah Edward "Ed" Loy,flew-west/loy-ed.jpg Cider 22, flew west on 29 Dec 2020.  Ed flew one of his two tours out of Pleiku while attached to the 2nd Brigade, 4th Infantry Division in 1967.   Obituary and Details

24 Oct 21:Joseph W. "Jay" Barnes, Jake 26, flew west.  Jay flew O-2 for the 20 TASS out of Tam Ky from Jan 70 - Nov 70. Details
24 Oct 21: ALL FAC REUNION 2022 is scheduled for the third week of September 2022 in Colorado SpringsSave the date.  For details click here.

wanted-posters/judge-wally3.jpg7 Oct 21: Wanted: Son wants information about his father, Wally Judge, Nail 73.  Dad flew O-2 out of NKP in 1969. If you can help please see details on Wanted-211007

29 Sep 21:Wesley E. Groves, Covey flew-west/groves-wes.jpg598, flew west on 26 Sep 21.  Wes flew O-2s for 20th TASS from Aug 70 - Aug 71.  Obituary and Detail

04 Sep 21: flew-west/kimminau-leo.jpgMaj. Leo F. Kimminau Sr, Gombey 17, flew west 3 Apr 2021.  Leo flew O-1s out of NKP for the 19th TASS from Jan to Dec 66.
Obituary and Details.

4 Sep 21: Topographic Maps (the ones we used) with clickable index.  Thanks to the University of Texas and Gary Willis, who found it, this link has been added to our Links to Others Page under the heading "More Vietnam Material" click on "US Army Topographic Maps" or click here

28 Aug 21: Maj Alan Zaiser, Walt flew-west/zaiser-alan.jpg31, flew west on 21 Jul 2021.  During his tour 1967 - 68, Alan flew the O-1, O-2A, and OV-10s for the 21st TASS. Obituary and Details

 27 Aug 21:
Rustics Reunion Cancelled ! Details

flew-west/atchison-richard.jpg18 Aug 21: Col Richard M (Rick) Atchison, Nail229, flew his last mission 4 Aug 2021.  Rick flew OV-10s for the 23rd TASS from Feb 70-May 72 out of NKP. He was a Life member.  Details

12 Aug 21:
David M. (Mike) Lyons, Nail 88 flew west on 9 Aug 2021.  Mike flew O-2 and OV-10 for the 23 TASS.  Funeral service, Aug 23rd at St Peter Catholic Church in Monument, CO.

29 Jul 21:The July FAC Association Newsletter is out!  To read it, click here

spooner-donald.jpg26 Jul 21: Donald Allen Spooner, Red Maker 07, Allen 14, flew west on 23 July 2021.  Don flew O-1 for the 19th TASS from July 68 until Jun 69.  Don was a life member. Details

12 Jul 21: Gordon Alvin Isachsen, isachsen-gordon.jpgCovey 247, took his final flight on 14 Jun 2021.  Gordy flew two tours as a FAC, Arp 70-71 and Nov 72 - Sep 73.  He flew O-2s for the 20 TASS out of DaNang and Ubon. Details and Obituary

10 Jul 21: Lawrence Reed, a Covey FAC has flown west.  Larry flew O-1 for the 20 TASS. Details

10 Jul 21: James A. Crookston II, Bilk 02, 23, flew west on 19 Jun 2021.  He flew O-1s and O-2s for the 20 TASS.  He was a life member of the Association.  Details and Obituary

markle.terry.jpg10 Jul 21: Col Terry A. Markle, a Nail FAC flew west on 19 Jul 2020.  Terry flew OV-10s for the 23 TASS. Details and Obituary

16 Jun 21:Wanted: Daughter wantscaruthers-timothy-d.jpg information about her father, Tim Caruthers.  He was a Nail FAC flying O-2s out of NKP from November 70-71.  For details and contact information please click here, Wanted-210616

15 Jun 21: Col John Kelly Giles, Red Marker 02, Flew west  on 29 July 2019.  John flew O-1s for the 19th TASS.  Details
12 May 21: Nupaul, Keeper of the Nail Hole, flew west this afternoon at 1444.  Slow hand salute for him.

11 May 21: A daughter wants information  about her father, Capt. Donald Luna, Nail 33, Ubon, 23 TASS 68-69.  Please click here, Wanted-210511 for details.

04 May 21: Dennis Wayne Oxelgren aka OX, Snoopy 50 flew west this weekend.  He was an O-2 driver in the Psy Ops mission for the 22 TASS. Details

28 Apr 21: Impressive OV-10 flying model.  A Tribute to the Assies, Kiwis and 19th TASS.
Click here it see it and say G'Day

25 Apr 21
: Updated Bylaws, PDF Copy

13 Apr 21: Lt Col John E. York USAF (Ret), Bomber 44, Jake 04 flew west 11 Apr 21. Details


06 Apr 21:

20 Mar 21:

11 Feb 21: Col Harley E. Lawrence Jr. USAF (Ret), Bird Dog 83, Cricket, Gombey 06,  flew west on Sunday 31 Jan 21.  Harley flew O-1s for the 20th and 23dr TASS. Details w/picture

04 Feb 21: Lt Col (Ret.) Gary D. Pointer, Nail 43, flew west on 15 Sep 2020 in Jonesburg MO.  Gary flew OV-10s from May 70 - Apr 71 for the 23rd TASS out of Plieku.  Details and picture

02 Feb 21: Capt Thomas G. Bonser, Gombey and Nail took his last flight on 26 January 21.  Tom flew O-1s in the early days of the war in Southeast Asia for the 23 TASS in 1965-66.  Details and obituary

02 Feb 21
: Who is it?
Who was the fellow FAC in the January 2021 Newsletter and which one was he? Answer

01 Feb 21: Col Roger B. Nash USAF (Ret.), Nail 23 took his last flight on 21 Jan 2021.  As a FAC Roger flew OV-10s out of Nakon Phanom AB Thailand for the 23rd TASS.  Details and obituary

31 Jan 21: CMSgt Ronald J. Dandeneau, Rustic Foxtrot, flew west on 28 Sep 2018 flew OV-10s for the 19th TASS. Details and obituary
22 Jan 21:
Wanted : Information and/or pictures of Captain Glenn R. Cook.  Glenn went missing on 21 Oct 1969.  He flew O-2s for the 21st TASS;his call sign was "Cutie."  A special memorial is being planned; the sponsors would like to use shared pictures or remembrances.  Please click on  and reference Wanted-210122 for details.

16 Jan 21: 
Lt Col Wayne L. Wood, USAF (Ret), Rustic 06, flew west on 24 May 2019.  Wayne flew OV-10s for the 19th TASS out of Bien Hoa and Ubon RTAB from Sep 71 - 72. Details

05 Jan 21:The January 2021 Newsletter is out!  To read it, click here

23 Dec 20: Maj. Richard M. "Dick" Roberds, Sleepytime 01, Rustic 21, flew west on 11 Sep 2020.  He flew 0-2A FACs at Bien Hoa AB. Details

23 Dec 20: Pierre M. Ligonde, Rustic Juliet and Sundog 21 took his last flight on 6 May 2020.  Pierre flew O-2As and OV-10s for the 19th TASS from August 70- Nov71.  Details

23 Dec 20:Lt Col. Lawrence H. Shaevitz, Red Marker 24, flew west on 9 Oct 2017.  Larry flew O-2As for the 19th TASS from Oct 69 until Aug 70.

23 Dec 20: Col. Donald T. Glenn, Red Marker 01, took his last flight on 25 Jan 2020.  Don flew O-1s as a FAC for the 19th TASS out of Saigon from Jan - Dec 1968.  Obituary Details

11 Dec 20: Wanted: FACs that operated out of Ban Me Thuot or supported Bu Prang or Duc Lap Special Forces Camps Oct/Nov 69.    Sgt. Dan Swiger, a radio operator, is looking to talk toFACs that operated out of Ban Me Thuot area around that Oct/Nov 69 time frame.  Details (Wanted 201211)

10 Dec 20: Donald R. "Don" Davie, Col. (Retired), Nail 218 and Sundog 101 took his last flight 1 Dec 20.  Don flew O-2 and OV10s for the 23rd TASS from May 70-71.  He was a life member.  Details

08 Dec 20: Terry O. Bernardt, Col (Retired), Covey 551 & 58 flew west 23 Nov 2020.  Terry flew OV-10s out of DaNang and Plieku, from Nov 70 - 71. Obituary and Details

26 Nov 20: Norbert A. Hala, Covey 582 & 482, flew west on 6 Nov 2020.  Norbert flew O-2s for the 20th TASS out of Plieku and Kontum from Nov 67 to Nov 68.
Obituary and Details

23 Nov 20: The FACNET has moved!  Our New home is   Details

15 Nov 20: Richard R. "Dick" Johnson Maj (Retired), Nile 01, flew west 26 Oct 2018 (just discovered). Dick flew O-2 for the 19TASS Mar 69 - Jan 70. Obituary and Details.

13 Nov 20: Clark C. Hoffman, Nail 31, flew west on Saturday 07 Nov 2020.  Clark flew OV-10s out of NKP, Jun 69 - Apr 70. Obituary and Details

02 Nov 20:FACNE
T to move from Yahoo groups!  In light of the complete shutdown of yahoogroups on December 17, 2020, I have been ordered by the FAC Association to move FACNET from yahoogroups to groups.ioDetails

01 Nov /20
: Rodriguez, Luis M. "Mike," Col. (Retired) Red Marker 17 flew O-1 for 19TASSMike flew west on 22 Oct 2020.  Details
31 Oct 20: Heckman, Robert A. "Bob"
Col. (Retired) Covey Tango flew west on 08 Oct 2020.  He flew for 20TASS out of DaNang Jul 70-71.   Details

16 Oct 20: Wanted: Information on O-2B, tail number USAF 67-21446. Did you fly it?  The new owner would very much like to talk to someone who flew it in South East Asia.  For the rest of the story and pictures click (Wanted-201016)

10 Sep 20: Vanek, Gerald L "Peach" Lt Col.(retired) flew west on 02 Aug 2020. He was a Rash FAC for the 21TASS in 67.  Details.

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at heaven’s very door.

Now, as we fly among them

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Take care, my friend,

Watch your Six…

And do one more roll for me."

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